Tournament Season - Player Gift Bags

Posted by Legends Baseball on Mar 19 2019 at 09:12AM PDT

As we approach tournament season, many Legends teams will provide a small gift to each of the players when travelling to large tournaments such as Ripken MD, Sports at the Beach, Pigeon Forge or Baseball Heaven.

Some ideas that have been used in the past include a gift bag with sunflower seeds, Gatorade, door posters, cracker jacks, LB eye black, bracelets, etc. Some of these items are available at the Ballpark so please let us know if you need large quantities so that we can set these aside for your team. Contact Luciana Yates at Legends ( for drawstring bags, LB eye black, bracelets, Legends Posters, special t-shirts you want made, etc.

Good luck to all Legends Baseball teams in your upcoming tournaments!