*Families Need our HELP*

Posted by Legends Baseball on Oct 08 2019 at 12:30PM PDT

Hello Legends Baseball,

As players, coaches, fans, and supporters we are always fortunate to meet and share experiences with 100’s of teams every year, it’s one of the best things about youth sports. We get the opportunity to make lifelong friends with teammates, coaches, instructors, siblings, trainers, campers, and parents while playing or watching baseball. We have learned that teams and their players come from all different walks of life, situations, financial support, playing styles, and areas of the country and beyond, but ultimately regardless of any differences, we are all simply playing the game we love.

This past summer, several Legends players and their families attended the Perfect Game tournament. Legends parents/coaches were fortunate enough to befriend several opposing coaches from the Bahamas. In the last several weeks, we have reached out to those coaches since the last hurricane devastated the island. Luckily, we were informed that our friends (and their players & families) were all okay. The head coach from Freedom Farm says: “Fortunately, our league Freedom Farm which is comprised of 40+ teams is located in the capital Nassau where we did not get the brunt of the hurricane. Our fields were about 5 feet underwater, however, there was minimal damages from the strong winds. Unfortunately though, our brother leagues on the islands of Grand Bahama (Legacy Baseball League and Grand Bahama Little League) as well as Abaco (Abaco Youth Association) endured catastrophic damages at their fields, additionally parents and coaches had personal property completely destroyed and had family members and friends who lost their lives.”

Its situations like these that leave us compelled to provide any support possible. Although any financial support may be difficult for our Legends’ organization, we do have the resources to provide some emotional and material support through one of the things we have in common, and what brought us originally together, BASEBALL. Many of our Legends’ players have multiple batting gloves, gloves, bats, hats, cleats, helmets, game pants, practice pants, shorts, socks, belts and work out gear, and we are asking that you donate some of your player’s slightly used or new equipment to help support the families who lost everything last month during the storm. Its important to our organization that our players are routinely humbled and thankful for the chances and luxuries they have in life – and this project should be a great opportunity teach humility.

We have made agreements with a logistics firm who will provide us a discounted freight to the Bahamas on our behalf. The Legends Baseball Group, Freedom Farm Baseball Organization, Building Legends Booster Club, and Legends Ballpark will all be working together to promote and collect goods. If YOU could, please drop off any lightly used or new baseball/softball equipment to Legends Ballpark over the next few weeks, and we will make sure it is inventoried and safely shipped to Nassau in December before the holidays. Any school supplies and clothing would also be very appreciative as well.

Please No Damage or broken items.
Please feel free to reach out to any other organization or company.

Although our efforts will only support those family’s material needs slightly, our heartfelt gesture and effort will provide monumental support to the families in regaining some normalcy in their daily lives this holiday season.

Please speak with Chris Romeo with any direct questions you may have and thank you to those who may have already provided support for the Bahamas personally.

-Legends Baseball