Spring 2020 Flippin' Fab Orders

Posted by Legends Baseball on Feb 27 2020 at 09:17AM PST

Legends Families,
We are so excited to be working with Flippn’ Fab again for our ladies and children apparel! We are placing one BIG Spring 2020 Flippin’ Fab order so that the apparel is ready for our opening season. Please see the attached order form with merchandise avaialable for the spring order. We do not plan on placing any other future orders with Flippin’ Fab.

Cash, Venmo and Checks only (no credit cards are accepted). If using Venmo, include your child’s name for payment. Please make checks payable to Legends Ballpark. All completed forms and payment should be submitted to the front desk of Legends Ballpark by March 15, 2020. Late orders will not be accepted. Some paper forms will be available at Legends Ballpark as well.

For those parents that are new to our organization/facility, Legends Ballpark uses reputable vendors when making our apparel. These vendors provide quality products and customer service. Flippin’ Fab does an amazing job and they stand behind all of their work. You should contact Luciana at with any order questions. Please do not contact Flippin’ Fab with questions as she will only refer you back to Luciana.

Please remember that the words “Legends Ballpark”, “Legends Baseball” and our logos are trademarked and cannot be used without permission from Legends Ballpark (including merch and apparel).

Thank you and Happy Shopping!

The document Spring_2020_Flip_Fab_Order_Form.pdf was attached to this post.